Second Trimester of Pregnancy what to eatJust when your appetite picks up by around the 13th week of pregnancy, so can the weight. It can be really difficult to control how much weight you gain during pregnancy, but as long as you choose nutritious foods from each food group and limit extra added sugars, the baby will be as healthy as can be. True: the fetus can pick up flavors from the amniotic fluid after the first trimester, so now is the time to make each food choice count towards:

At least 5 servings (tennis-ball size each) fruits and vegetables: washed and raw, cooked or from frozen or no-salt-added canned—all are nutritious and the more variety the better

3 (1 cup) servings very low-fat or nonfat milk or yogurt—drinking milk in cereal counts, of course as well as in smoothies and in pudding

At least 4-6 servings whole grain cereals, rice, pasta (1 serving=an ounce or a half cup cooked or 1 cup dry)

Add plant-based fats to meals to promote brain development in the fetus: avocadoes, nuts, seeds and oils are better than stick margarine and fats in packaged snacks any day

Lean animal protein or any vegetables protein with all meals and snacks: cooked salmon, any cooked white fish, any cooked shellfish, skinless poultry, eggs, all beans and lentils, veggie burgers, tofu, nuts and seeds again and lean steak or pork are winners. Limit bacon, full-fat sausage and hot dogs.