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This is the #1 concern my clients share—planning meals to improve health and energy. Do you know what you are eating for your next meal? Do you WANT to know? Most people wait until hunger hits to plan what the meal will look like. It may look like this in your home or work. “I’m hunger, are you?” The other person, “Yeah, I could eat. What are you thinking to eat?” You—“IDK—You pick.” And on it goes until an argument sets in since everyone is hangry and cannot make a decision. As an expert in eating, nutrition and meal planning, here are a few tips:

  1. Do as much as you can to plan ahead. Many people think 5-7 days a week have to be planned. If you want to know what your lunches and dinners will look like Tuesday to Thursday….start with that. You know yourself---planning meals is NOT about being perfect or on point, but feeling nourished with the meals YOU prepare.
  2. Think outside the box—the pantry, the fridge, the freezer. Know your budget. Hate cooking chicken? Buy a rotisserie. Have guilt about eating anything but fresh? Frozen vegetables and individually frozen meat portion are easy to prepare on nights when time is short.
  3. Use tools you already have: weekly grocery store flyer to see what’s on sale (this is what I use)—example: roast is $3.99/lb. I will plan a few meals with it with whatever vegetables are on sale. Freeze what you do not want to eat 3 days a in a row. Are you food containers bringing you down? Hate to look at them? Treat yourself to new-to-you containers that are freezer to table safe. It makes a difference!
  4. Share your tips with us. You see how I roll with meals---the bottom line is we are not perfect, but aim to have a meal on the table filled with vegetables, protein, whole grain or fruit and we are eating together.