ep31-Protein-all-about-beefDid you know that just like people, cattle’s diets change as they grow. Mother’s milk is for the 6 to 8 months then they learn to chew on grasses. They may be sold to a farmer who raises them the next 6 months on a variety of grasses and other roughage. In the southeast, citrus pulp purchased from the orange juice farmers may be mixed in along with peanut hulls and cotton seed hulls, for example. I love that farmers connect with each other so nothing is wasted!

The cattle may be sold to feed yard around a year of age where they eat a nutritious diet including hay and other roughage. The cool thing about the beef industry is that it is mostly local to you. If you want to learn about your beef, most companies including grass-fed and organic share on their websites how their cattle are raised.