Episode 3 Show Notes

kids try new foodsTopic: How to Get Kids to try a New Fruit!

The toddler in the beginning of the video is not even encouraged to try the fig, but is just "playing" with it in the kitchen as we prepare a familiar food: pizza. Toddlers are more likely to try a new food when familiar foods are close by, but also when they are around the new food. This toddler did try it, but removed it after it was baked on the pizza. He ate it in the smoothie, though.

Preschool kids up through middle school age (on average) are more likely to try a new food if it is not offered by their parents! So this was the case in the video.....they were also given options of trying 2 kinds of the fig or with agave syrup on it, which the elementary-age boy ended up doing.

Adults make up their mind before they try new foods; whether they will like it or not. There was another adult that tried the fig and I knew she did not like fruits to start....she tried the fig only on the pizza—cooked and with a similar texture to eggplant or zucchini, which she already liked (her video did not turn out!!!). I was surprised she even tried the pizza.
If an adult does not like a fruit and/or vegetable it is usually from the following reasons:

  1. Was never offered it as a child or adult.
  2. Was sick on a certain food and will never eat it again.
  3. Only likes certain textures, such as crunchy or smooth, and may be less likely to deviate from those textures.

This is why it is so important for kids to try a variety of fruits and vegetables. The more common they are in the home as a child, the more likely those foods will be staples as adults.