first trimester of pregnancy what to eatThose first “12” weeks of pregnancy for most Moms can rock your world. Smells, tastes, and changes in the body are mind-blowing. But what to eat during that time? Up to 90% of pregnant women have nausea-some with and some without vomiting. Some women have extreme nausea and vomiting: hyperemesis gravidarum. This biggest concern with this is dehydration. To prevent dehydration during the first trimester, try sipping on water flavored with fresh mint leaves, with lemon, cucumbers or plain. Many moms feel more nauseated or get sick on a certain food and then do not want that food for the rest of the pregnancy.

Personally, I felt that with saltine crackers, anything with ginger and chicken. Keep trying new foods and see what works. Eating every few hours on foods containing carbohydrates from fruit, whole grains (crackers, plain pasta, rice or baked potatoes) paired with a low-fat protein food, such has low-fat cheese, cooked chicken or turkey (if tolerated!), yogurt or a protein shake or smoothie with dairy for the protein. Protein keeps you a fuller longer and the low-fat is better for digestion than high-fat, greasy foods. Calorie needs are the same as pre-pregnancy during the first 12-13 weeks—if you want to maintain weight. Sipping on milkshakes, juices and soda all day are a recipe for weight gain in the first trimester—dilute juice with water or seltzer.