Americans eat bugs for proteinRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist Sarah Krieger interviews Gabi Lewis co-founder of Exo. Exo is a protein bar made of all-natural ingredients like raw almonds, honey, and coconut. But there's one ingredient high in protein – cricket flour.

One Exo Bar contains 25 lightly roasted crickets [25 ground-up crickets] which equals 6% cricket powder per Exo bar. Exo Bars are high in protein [10 grams of protein], only 250 to 280 calories per bar, so either a large snack or a meal replacement. Exo's cricket flour has more protein than beef and is great for the environment. Crickets require a fraction of the resources compared to other protein sources as they require little water, feed, and space.

Vegetarians will likely love Exo bars; although this will be based on the reasoning one is a vegetarian.
Exo's crickets are raised, feed, and processed in a controlled clean environment.